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Seek Medical Attention After Your Wreck

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If your injury does not require immediate hospital care, where should you go? You have several options. Your primary care physician, if you have one; is a good choice. They are the most familiar with your overall health. The cost of an office visit is much reduced from a trip to the Emergency Room. In the event that you need more care, the primary care doctor can refer you to specialists and diagnostic testing that can be helpful in your recovery.

There are also issues with this route of care. First, many practitioners will not see auto accident victims. This is true EVEN IF you are a current patient and have health insurance that will cover the costs of your care. I have an opinion of these “doctors” that is really not fit for general internet consumption – which is saying something. Then, many general practice physicians have long wait times for appointments. My annual physical, for example, has to be scheduled months in advance. Lastly, the time between appointments can be significant, often several weeks, during which time no active care is being given.

The time between appointments is important because any delay in your care is seen by the insurance companies as an excuse not to pay. They take the position that “If you were REALLY HURT, you would be going to the Doctor”. Delays and gaps in care are taken as evidence that you weren’t really suffering. This is true not only of ongoing care but also in your initial decision to seek medical attention. NO ONE is telling you to go see a doctor if you are not hurt. However, if you are hurt, the sooner you seek medical attention, the better it will be for your healing process and your claim.

We’ll explore other options for medical care next time. Contact us here or give us a call at (806) 391-7294 if you’ve been injured.

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