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Four Reasons You Should Hire an Amarillo Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

When you get injured in an accident with another vehicle, you may think the process of getting compensated for your injuries is simple, especially when the insurance company offers you a settlement right up front. Accepting this initial offer, however, can be a critical mistake that can cost you everything. Many people wonder after they get hurt whether they need a lawyer to pursue their case at all. In most cases, it’s a good idea to at least speak with an attorney. Getting compensated for post-accident injuries can…
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The Reasons Why You Need to File A Police Report After An Amarillo Car Accident

After you’re in a car accident, you’re confused, scared, and you feel angry and betrayed. It can be very hard to keep your head about you and figure out what to do next. You know that you deserve to be compensated and you know the other driver should be held accountable. Your first thought is to call the police, but then you wonder if that will do any good. In truth, while you don’t necessarily need a police report after an accident, it’s always a good idea. Let’s…

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