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How To Respond To Your Personal Injury Claim Denial

When you’re seriously hurt and the insurance company denies your personal injury claim, it can be utterly devastating and turn your life upside down. No injury claim should be ignored, and it’s important to understand that you do have rights under the law.There are steps you can take to challenge the denial, and if the insurance company behaves in bad faith, you may even have cause for a legal case against them. When your personal injury claim is denied, learn what rights you have, what steps you can…
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Seek Medical Attention After Your Wreck

If your injury does not require immediate hospital care, where should you go? You have several options. Your primary care physician, if you have one; is a good choice. They are the most familiar with your overall health. The cost of an office visit is much reduced from a trip to the Emergency Room. In the event that you need more care, the primary care doctor can refer you to specialists and diagnostic testing that can be helpful in your recovery.There are also issues with this route of…

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