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How Far Back Does Social Security Disability Pay?

If you’ve suffered an injury on the job that will prevent you from working for an extended period of time, then you might be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Receiving SSDI benefits may be an ideal solution for supporting yourself until your injuries have healed and you can return to work. When applying for SSDI benefits, many people are unaware of the possibility of receiving back pay after having your application approved. Learn how far back you may be able to receive past SSDI…
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AR-15 Magazines

Magazines play a critical role in the reliable function of your rifle. There are a few things to consider when stocking magazines for your rifle- build material, capacity, brand, how to carry them and how many to buy. We will discuss primarily AR15 magazines as they are the most complicated, for the AK rifles the rules are simple- Warsaw Pact Surplus steel or Magpul. Aluminum has a long track record of use with AR15 magazines. Quality aluminum magazines made by Okay/Surefeed, Brownells, NHMTG, D&H, and Center have proven…
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Important Rifle Accessories

To maximize the utility of the rifle it should have a few accessories. It’s easy to get too much of a good thing though, keep it simple.The rifle needs a sling, you have to have a way to carry it that gets it out of your hands if even temporarily.  You need a light, because of the greater range and the fact that it’s so easy to add given the rifles’ size makes it a simple decision. Optics…You can do good work with iron sights and good optics…
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I Was In A Minor Car Accident; Does My Insurance Need To Know?

Far too often, people who are involved in one of the thousands of minor accidents every year decide not to bother informing their insurance company about the incident. They think that there’s no real damage, and if they report the accident, they might just suffer higher insurance premiums as a result.While this may be true, failure to report your accident can lead to harsher consequences, from losing coverage for your accident, to being dropped by your insurance company altogether. Learn why even if you’re in a minor car…
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Rifle Or Handgun?

The rifle is a generally a better tool for self-defense than the handgun. I write mostly about handguns because they are convenient to have around. But the rifle should play a role in your self-defense plans. Colonel Jeff Cooper described the rifle as, “The Queen of Battle” and like the Queen in a game of chess, she is a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled practitioner. The first advantage of the rifle in self-defense is power. Pistols are poor fight stoppers. It is generally accepted that…
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Carry Your Gun!

My friends are for the most part, “gun people”. We talk about guns, we shoot guns together, we hunt, we work on our guns, many of our social events revolve around guns…..So it is always surprising and disappointing to me when I encounter one of them unarmed. Many of them will say, “Oh I just had to run to the store” or, “Yea, my spouse thinks I’m paranoid if I carry it all the time” “My neighborhood/ Church/ place of work- is safe” or my favorite--- “I carry…

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