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Everything You Need To Know About Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits in Amarillo

We are perhaps more aware than ever of the consequences of severe spinal injury. Whether it’s an athlete suffering an incident on the playing field, or damage to the spinal cord from a car accident, a fall or some other incident, the sheer consequences can utterly devastate the person who was hurt as well as their entire family. The lifetime expenses that go hand-in-hand with a spinal cord accident make getting a settlement even more important than many other forms of injury cases. Read about what happens in…
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Everything You Need To Know About Filing A Product Liability Claim

These days it’s hard to escape news stories about products — especially electronics — that fail catastrophically, causing damage to property and harm to users. Whether it’s a cell phone or e-cig that’s overheating and bursting into flame in someone’s pocket, a motorized transportation vehicle that’s catching on fire or knocking someone on their head, or a washing machine exploding in the middle of a cycle, product defects are everywhere. When you’re hurt while correctly using a product that fails without warning, you can suffer serious injuries and…

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