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After a Car Accident, Let Tormey & McConnell Go to Bat for You!

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you know that seeking the compensation you have a legal right to receive can prove to be much more difficult than you ever expected. Dealing with insurance adjusters, medical records, and a ton of paperwork, it is no wonder many people find themselves overwhelmed and looking for legal help to give them their best chance at the compensation they know they deserve. In a perfect world, you could file your claim yourself and move on so you can focus on healing. But sadly, the system is often much more difficult and stressful.

You are not alone. This is what car accident attorneys are here for, but, how do you know which lawyer is best for you? There are so many injury lawyers with billboards and televisions ads, but which one can provide you with the experience, care, and support you need to win your case?

Keep reading to learn how our car accident team and our leading attorneys at Tormey & McConnell can help you get the best chance at the maximum compensation for your case:

Speaker 1:
Spokespersons for Tormey & McConnell.

Speaker 2:
You get hurt in a car wreck. Why should you call Tormey & McConnell?

Attorney Ed McConnell:
Because when you’re hurt, you need money.

Attorney Jeff Tormey:
And we’ll go to bat to get you that money.

Attorney Ed McConnell:
We got this client who injured his back in a car wreck $83,761.53, and another client of ours tore his rotator cuff and we got him $201,866.73. If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, call us. We’ll go to bat for you.

Speaker 1:
Call 355-2700.

We have years of experience, a successful past of winning cases just like yours, and empathy for what you have been through. Why wouldn’t you call Tormey & McConnell when you need help with your car accident case? Give us a call or fill out our online form for a free case review today.

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