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Were you hurt in a motorcycle accident? Too often, injured bikers are blamed for causing their own injuries in motorcycle accidents. The other driver claims: “He came out of nowhere.” or “It was her fault! She didn’t wear a helmet.” But in most cases, it’s the other driver that wasn’t following the rules of the road. Even when wearing protective gear, the odds of walking away from a motorcycle accident unscathed are slim.


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It takes an experienced motorcycle injury attorney to demonstrate the cause of the accident, the negligence involved, and the extent of the injuries. At Tormey & McConnell, our motorcycle accident lawyers know how to overcome the stigmas attached to motorcyclists and how to prepare a strong case for you. We will examine all contributing factors, including defective products or dangerous roads, and explain the role such factors played in the wreck.
Whether you’re suffering from road rash, bone fractures, or more serious injuries such as paralysis, head injuries, or loss of limb, we will fight to get you the money you need to treat your injuries. We’ll even fight for for long term care if necessary.

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