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Semi Trucks at Warehouse, Aerial View

Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming to Texas: What Does This Mean for You?

Our Amarillo Truck Accident Lawyers Want You to Be Informed Waymo, a self-driving car manufacturing company, has recently announced that it’s bringing autonomous long-haul trucks and minivans to Texas, The Verge reported. These vehicles will be tested on various routes of I-10, I-20, and I-45 in attempts to discover new transportation solutions, undoubtedly in preparation for the company’s launch of a commercial freight hauling business. While the idea of this advanced technology coming to Texas is exciting for some, what will it mean for drivers on our roads?…
Road Map Of Amarillo, Texas

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident With a Fatigued Driver?

Were You Hit by a Fatigued Driver? Our Amarillo Truck Accident Attorneys May Be Able to Help Texas is no stranger to long-haul truckers. According to RTS Financial, the trucking business is growing and is particularly prevalent in Texas. However, these massive vehicles can pose a great threat to our roadways, especially when truck drivers operate their vehicles while drowsy. Fatigued driving is extremely dangerous and can quickly lead to a serious or even fatal accident. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident due…
Jackknife Truck Accident Stock Photo

What Causes Semi-Trucks To Jackknife?

Injured In A Wreck? Call A Texas Truck Accident Lawyer TodayTruck accidents happen for multiple reasons and, oftentimes, have catastrophic results due to their immense weight and size.“Jackknifing” is a common cause of truck collisions. Jackknifing happens when the trailer and cab of a truck both fold into a 90-degree angle. This type of truck collision gets its name from the blade and protective handle of a pocket knife that form an acute angle, similar to the truck and its cab.In October 2018, a minivan in Texas crashed…
18-wheeler Semi-Truck Driving On The Interstate

Largest Truck Accident Settlement In U.S. History Awarded By Texas Jury

Truck Accident Lawyers Building Strong Cases For Injured Victims The largest truck settlement in U.S. history, worth $101 million, was awarded in a Texas courtroom in July 2018. A driver for FTS International, an oil company that carries sand and other materials necessary to frack a well, collided with a driver in a full-size pickup in 2013. The driver of the full-size vehicle survived the crash, but underwent back surgery and had to receive chiropractic care amongst other medical treatments as a result of the accident. Although FTS…
Truck Accident With Smaller Vehicle Stock Photo

Why Do Big Truck Accidents Lead To Big Settlements?

Did Your Accident Involve a Big Truck? Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Amarillo While accidents involving motor vehicles are more frequent, semi-trucks and vehicles can also collide causing dangerous accidents. Due to the size and weight of these large trucks, the results of these accidents tend to be more devastating than regular car accidents. Since accidents involving trucks cause greater injuries and damages, they usually have much higher settlement amounts. An article by CBS Local channel in Texas shared a casualty regarding a truck in June 2018,…
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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents?

Amarillo Truck Accident Lawyers Who Represent Victims Injured in 18-Wheeler Accidents “Did you know that trucks move about 71% of the nation’s freight?” according to the American Trucking Association. Trucks are essential to our economy because they are able to deliver heavy loads of materials across the United States. Although trucks play an important role in our economy, they can also be dangerous to other drivers on the roadways. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, our Amarillo truck accident lawyers at…

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