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Carry Your Gun!

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My friends are for the most part, “gun people”. We talk about guns, we shoot guns together, we hunt, we work on our guns, many of our social events revolve around guns…..So it is always surprising and disappointing to me when I encounter one of them unarmed.

Many of them will say, “Oh I just had to run to the store” or, “Yea, my spouse thinks I’m paranoid if I carry it all the time” “My neighborhood/ Church/ place of work- is safe” or my favorite— “I carry when I go to the “big city” where it’s dangerous”…..Time for some tough love friends.

You expect the Mayor of your city to say Nice Things about it. Generally, that’s their job, isn’t it -to promote the city and help to develop it to it’s fullest potential for its residents? In her State of the City Address last fall, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson dropped some knowledge on those who were paying attention.

In the middle of the address talking about some progress we have made and some challenges that we face as a city, there were several statistics presented that should get people’s attention. Amarillo is the 5
th most Dangerous City in Texas.

Now, that’s not the “crazy gun guy” saying that, it’s THE MAYOR… And, she’s right, it’s simply a fact. A quick look at the annual FBI Crime reports makes it pretty clear that Amarillo can be a very dangerous place. We have a serious problem, out of proportion to our population, with crimes against persons- rapes, aggravated assaults, robberies…We can talk about why that is the case and what needs to be done about it. But, in the meantime, friends and fellow Amarilloans…. Carry your guns!

Stay Dangerous!

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