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The First 72 Hours After an Accident

Tormey & McConnell March 27, 2023

Being involved in an accident can be an overwhelming experience, and the first 72 hours after the incident can be difficult to sort through. However, the steps you take during these moments can affect the outcome of your injury claims. A seasoned Texas personal injury attorney can help you understand some of the things you need to do during the first 72 hours after an accident. Texas's personal injury laws can protect your rights to recover damages. 

At Tormey & McConnell, we are committed to offering detailed legal guidance and zealous representation to clients in their accident cases. Our reliable legal team can evaluate every aspect of your personal situation, determine the next steps to take, and help you recover the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. We're proud to represent accident victims across Amarillo, Childress, Borger, Canyon, Hereford, Dumas, and Pampa, Texas. 

What to Do During the First 72 Hours After an Accident 

The moments following a traffic crash, auto accident, slip and fall accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, or any kind of accident can be confusing and unsettling. Nevertheless, what you do—or do not do—within the first few days can have a massive impact on both your health and your ability to pursue compensation. Where possible, here is what you need to do after the incident: 

Get to Safety 

After the incident, your well-being and safety need to be your major concern. Stay calm, exit your vehicle carefully, and get to safety. Help other accident victims if you can. 

Seek Medical Care 

Call 911 to get immediate medical treatment for injuries to yourself and other victims. Getting medical help from a qualified physician is important due to the following reasons: 

For Your Health and Well-Being. Even if you feel fine or think you only experienced minor injuries, a medical doctor can examine you, determine the magnitude of your injuries, and recommend appropriate treatments. 

To Detect Hidden Injuries.  At times, some injuries may remain hidden and not fully manifest until later. A doctor can detect hidden injuries and symptoms and help you start your recovery journey early. 

For Proper Documentation. In addition, getting prompt medical assistance can help you have proper documentation of your injuries, medical expenses, and medical reports. Your medical records and documents will form a vital part of the documentation for your injury claims. 

To Comply With Insurance. You need to see an experienced doctor to comply with the insurance requirements and avoid potential issues with your insurance company when filing your claims. 

Call the Police 

Furthermore, when involved in a traffic crash, Texas law requires you to file an accident report if the accident causes an injury, death of a person, or property damage of over $1,000. Failure to file an accident report can result in potential penalties. 

Complete Required Documentation  

In addition, you should collect and document the following information and records:  

  • Relevant information about the other driver(s) that were involved, such as the driver's name, address, phone number, vehicle registration, insurance information, and license number 

  • Witness testimonies and statements 

  • Accident scene pictures  

  • Police report  

  • Medical records, including medical expenses, medical reports, diagnosis, doctor's appointments, and therapy 

  • Your personal account of how the accident happened and how it has affected your day-to-day life and ability to work 

Inform Insurance  

Inform your insurance carrier about the accident. Some insurers in Texas require claimants and policyholders to inform them as soon as possible or within a couple of days after the incident. 

Hire an Attorney 

Lastly, hire a practiced lawyer to help you file your insurance claims and handle all negotiations and discussions with the insurance carriers and claims adjusters involved. 

However, it is advisable that you avoid delaying or procrastinating before filing your injury claim. This remains the best step to avoid forgetting important details or losing vital documents. A trusted Texas car accident attorney can review every detail of your unique circumstances, guide you through the claims process, and help you recover the financial justice you deserve. 

Take the Right Steps With Our Guidance  

The first 72 hours after an accident is very crucial. Your actions during the first couple of days will significantly determine what might happen afterward. Hence, you need to act quickly and retain a highly-skilled personal injury attorney to protect your legal rights and help you pursue your rightful financial compensation. 

At Tormey & McConnell, we have the expertise and resources to support and represent accident victims in their injury claims. As your legal counsel, we can explore your options to recover damages and walk you through the necessary steps after the accident. Also, our reliable attorneys will fight compassionately for your best interests and help you seek fair financial compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other potential damages. 

Taking prompt action after an accident is vital. Contact us at Tormey & McConnell today to schedule a simple case assessment with a reliable personal injury attorney. Our dedicated team can offer you the personalized legal counsel and vigorous representation you need in your case. We're proud to serve clients across Amarillo, Childress, Borger, Canyon, Hereford, Dumas, and Pampa, Texas.