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Low-Impact Accidents That Cause Serious Injury 

Tormey & McConnell Dec. 21, 2022

Low-impact accidents also referred to as fender benders, are a common occurrence on the roads of Texas. However, just because these accidents are common does not mean they are not serious. In fact, low-impact accidents can cause severe injuries to drivers and passengers, even when collisions occur at low speeds.  

At Tormey & McConnell, our car accident attorneys in Amarillo, Texas, help accident victims obtain the compensation they need to help them return to their normal lives. We understand that even a low-impact accident can cause debilitating and life-changing injuries, which is why our attorneys treat every client with empathy and fight for clients’ rights with fierce determination. Our attorneys serve areas throughout the state of Texas, including Amarillo, Borger, Dumas, Canyon, Childress, Pampa, and Hereford.  

Common Injuries From Low-Impact Crashes

 A low-impact accident is usually a crash that causes little to no damage to the vehicles and occurs at a low speed. Even though a low-impact accident may not cause significant physical damage to the vehicles, it can result in serious injuries.   

These accidents are typically associated with minor or moderate injuries such as sprains and strains, soft-tissue injuries, and bruises. However, a low-impact accident can also result in severe injuries that may be difficult to diagnose and take a long time to heal.  

Because there is a common misconception that “low-impact accidents lead to minor injuries or no injury at all,” insurance companies may deny personal injury claims, arguing that there is no way the claimant could have suffered a serious injury in a fender bender or another type of low-impact crash.  

Often, people involved in low-impact accidents are not fully aware of the injuries they suffered. They may think that their injuries are minor or they were not injured at all because there is no visible damage and no pain. However, a rush of adrenaline that kicks in at the time of the collision may numb your body to the physical pain.  

For this reason, it is vital to go to a hospital and see a doctor as soon as possible after a low-impact accident because your injuries may be more serious than you realize. Seeking medical attention and gathering medical evidence is also critical for your future personal injury claim.  

How Low-Impact Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries 

As mentioned earlier, low-impact crashes are commonly associated with minor injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises, and soft-tissue injuries. However, not all victims of low-impact accidents are left with minor injuries. Low-impact crashes can also lead to serious injuries, including but not limited to: 

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). If you hit your head (even slightly) when the collision occurred, you may get a concussion or another type of traumatic brain injury. In fact, you can develop a TBI even without hitting your head directly.  

  • Whiplash. Whiplash is arguably the most common injury associated with fender benders. It occurs when a vehicle occupant’s head is forced backward and then forward in an abrupt movement, resulting in hyperextension of the neck. If left untreated, whiplash can result in serious long-term complications.  

  • Back injury. The spine is a very sensitive part of the body that is prone to injury when any traumatic events, including automobile accidents, occur. A crash could result in herniated discs, spinal misalignment, or other types of back injuries that require prompt medical attention.  

Having a pre-existing injury at the time of a low-impact crash – or any other type of traumatic event, for that matter – puts you at a higher risk of injury. Often, injuries resulting from a low-impact accident are not immediately apparent and may require a medical examination.  

A Personal Injury Claim After a Low-Impact Accident 

If you were hurt in a low-impact accident, you might be entitled to financial compensation. This is not something you will hear from your insurance company because insurers often deny claims for injuries if there is little to no physical damage to the vehicle. An insurance company that doesn’t think the injury is serious may say that your claim is exaggerated to reduce the value of your claim or deny it altogether.  

Fortunately, you can protect your right to compensation after a low-impact accident by taking a few simple steps:  

  1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, you should seek medical attention even if you feel no pain or think you were not injured. Sometimes, it may take hours or even days for an injury to manifest. Going to a hospital and requesting a medical examination will also help you obtain the necessary documentation for your personal injury claim.  

  1. Follow through with the treatment plan and wait until you reach Maximum Medical Improvement. After a car accident, you may not be fully aware of your losses and damages until Maximum Medical Improvement, which is the point when you reach as full of a recovery as possible.  

  1. File a claim but do not settle just yet. When you file a personal injury claim and get an offer from the insurance company, it may be tempting to accept it right away. However, do not settle before you consult with an attorney. You need to make sure that the settlement offer is adequate to compensate you for all your losses and damages, including future ones, and that it accounts for your accumulative expenses.  

When filing a personal injury claim after a low-impact accident, seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. Our personal injury attorneys at Tormey & McConnell can protect your rights at every step of the claims process and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.   

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At Tormey & McConnell, we represent victims of car accidents of all kinds, including low-impact crashes. Although we understand that low-impact accidents can cause serious injury, we also know that insurance companies are reluctant to provide adequate compensation for injuries in such crashes. Schedule a free consultation today to get the legal guidance you need and discuss your unique situation.