Everything You Need to Know About the Additional Red Light Cameras in Amarillo

Tormey & McConnell May 12, 2022

Amarillo Car Accident Lawyers Reveal the Benefits of Red-Light Cameras

Most people know that red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means go. However, many people in Amarillo take a yellow light as a sign to speed up. Barreling through a yellow light is very dangerous, especially at busy intersections. It can easily lead to rear-end and t-bone accidents. In fact, there were 5,681 vehicle accidents in Amarillo in 2018 alone, according to MyAccident.org. For this reason, the city of Amarillo decided to activate seven new red-light cameras. 

This red-light camera improvement project is an attempt to reduce the number of accidents in the city by pushing drivers to be more cautious when driving through busy intersections. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the new red-light cameras, so you can be prepared and drive as safely as possible on our roadways.

If you were injured in an accident due to someone speeding through a yellow light at a busy intersection, our Amarillo car accident lawyers may be able to help you recover damages. Our attorneys at Tormey & McConnell, P.C. are experienced at fighting for justice on behalf of accident victims. We may be able to help you, too! 

Amarillo Added More Red Light Cameras

The city’s Transportation Superintendent, Michael Padilla, told ABC News the officials of the red-light camera program worked with the local police department to identify the intersections that would benefit most from the program. The top 20 intersections with the highest accident rates were chosen for possible camera placement. 

Intersections With Red-Light Cameras

  • Bell Street and Plains Blvd. (Northbound)

  • Interstate 40 and Grand Street (Westbound on North Frontage Road)

  • Interstate 40 and Grand Street (Southbound on North Frontage Road)

  • Georgia Street and 26th Ave. (Northbound)

  • Pierce Street and Amarillo Blvd. (Southbound)

  • Buchanan Street and 3rd Ave. (Westbound)

  • Taylor Street and 10th Ave. (Westbound)

Of these intersections, Tenth Ave. and Taylor St. had the highest accident rate.

“The objective of the program is to create a safer environment and change the mentality of drivers to know that there are consequences for running a red light,” said Padilla. 

Along with the new cameras, the city has also updated the existing equipment of five locations. This new equipment will take eight-to-ten-second videos showing before and after footage of traffic violations. 

Intersections With Updated Cameras

  • N. Pierce Street and Amarillo Blvd. (Westbound)

  • Ross Street and Interstate 40 (South Frontage Road and Northbound)

  • Coulter Street and Interstate 40 (North Frontage Road and Westbound)

  • S. Taylor Street and S.E. 10th Ave. (Southbound)

  • Tascosa/Gem Lake Road and Amarillo Blvd. (Northbound)

The total number of traffic cameras in Amarillo is currently 12. 

House Bill 1631

On June 2, 2019, Governor Greg Abbott signed the House Bill 1631, which effectively banned the use of red-light cameras in the state of Texas. However, an amendment to the bill stated cities with red-light camera contracts signed before May 7, 2019, could continue to operate their cameras. 

Amarillo took advantage of this amendment and even added more cameras. The city’s contract for traffic cameras does not end until 2022. The possibility of removing the cameras will be considered closer to this time. 

The fines distributed for red-light camera violations are considered civil matters, not criminal cases. The fines will not affect your driving record and are mainly distributed to encourage people to drive safely. The money collected from fines goes to the comptroller, the city, and American Traffic Solutions. 

“The program has been a success for the citizens of Amarillo and keeping them safe and helping individuals who may run a red light to be more cautious when they’re approaching red lights knowing that signal may turn,” Raymond Lee, City of Amarillo Director of Public Works told MyHighPlains.

Call Us if You Were Injured in A Car Accident

While red-light cameras have proven to be beneficial, they have also been known to malfunction. If they do, you have the right to challenge your ticket. If you believe you received a ticket as a result of a malfunctioning camera, you may be able to contest it.

If you have been injured in an accident due to another driver’s negligent actions, such as speeding through a yellow light, please don’t hesitate to contact our Amarillo car accident lawyers at Tormey & McConnell, P.C. We have been going to bat for our car accident clients for decades. If we feel you have sufficient grounds for a claim, we’ll go to bat for you, too.

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