Everything You Need to Know About Self-Driving Trucks Coming to Amarillo

Tormey & McConnell May 12, 2022

Our Amarillo Truck Accident Lawyers Want You to Be Informed

Waymo, a self-driving car manufacturing company, has recently announced that it’s bringing autonomous long-haul trucks and minivans to Texas, The Verge reported. These vehicles will be tested on various routes of I-10, I-20, and I-45 in attempts to discover new transportation solutions, undoubtedly in preparation for the company’s launch of a commercial freight hauling business.

While the idea of this advanced technology coming to Texas is exciting for some, what will it mean for drivers on our roads? Are these self-driving trucks safe? Will sharing the interstates with autonomous vehicles lead to an increase in accidents?

Our Amarillo truck accident lawyers want you to stay informed and be aware of any threats to your safety on our roads.

Can Technology Make Our Roads Safer?

How many times have you wondered what another driver was thinking? Maybe they cut you off, didn’t use a turn signal, or drifted into your lane. You may have even caught them with both hands on their phone instead of the wheel.

Humans are distracted, imperfect beings capable of ending lives with the slightest error. Each year, 20-50 million people are injured in traffic collisions, and 94% of those accidents are caused by human error. Waymo’s mission is to make traveling safer by eliminating human error and replacing it with technology-driven vehicles.

While autonomous vehicles have the potential to reduce the number of drunk, distracted, and reckless drivers on the roads, can technology really make our roads safer?

As self-driving trucks hit the roads in Texas, this is a controversial question that is stirring up a lot of debate.

Who Is Liable in An Accident with A Self-Driving Vehicle?

While self-driving vehicles promise a future with fewer car accidents and consequent injuries and fatalities, collisions likely won’t simply disappear. Drivers and pedestrians will still be at risk of being hurt in serious accidents.

For instance, Elaine Herzberg was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber in Tempe after stepping off a median into the path of the vehicle. Who is at fault in this scenario? The answer to this question is complicated.

This tragic example shows that as self-driving technology moves from experiment to reality, crashes, injuries, and fatalities will likely continue to happen. Additionally, the liability issues are complex, to say the least.

The difficult questions self-driving technology raises makes it all the more important to be alert when you get behind the wheel and understand your rights in the event that you’re hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Self-Driving Trucks? The Future of Road Safety or Danger to Drivers

With the arrival of Waymo’s autonomous trucks in Texas, our Amarillo truck accident lawyers are reminded of the immense damage large trucks can do, whether a driver is behind the wheel or not.

If you’re hurt in an accident involving a large truck, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. However, these cases are particularly complex and determining who’s at fault isn’t easy.

To discuss your legal options after an accident, give our law firm a call or fill out our free case evaluation form. We’ll go to bat for you!