Do I Need to Tell My Insurance Company About My Minor Car Accident in Amarillo?

Tormey & McConnell May 12, 2022

Far too often, people who are involved in one of the thousands of minor accidents every year decide not to bother informing their insurance company about the incident. They think that there’s no real damage, and if they report the accident, they might just suffer higher insurance premiums as a result.

While this may be true, failure to report your accident can lead to harsher consequences, from losing coverage for your accident, to being dropped by your insurance company altogether. Learn why even if you’re in a minor car accident, you should report it to your insurance company, and why you should hire an Amarillo car accident lawyer.

When You Should Report Your Accident

Any time there’s any chance whatsoever of a claim being filed against your insurance company, you should report it. If you think about it, you’ll see that this reflects just about any accident. Even if you were the only driver and the only property damage was your own vehicle, you may need to file a claim. You might be injured and not realize it for days after the accident, for example.

In addition, if there is another driver involved, even if they say the damage is minimal and not to worry about it, you never know when they might change their mind. It’s always a good idea to report an accident, just to be on the safe side.

In most cases, you have up to 72 hours to report the accident. Your policy may have specific requirements, however, so it’s best to be familiar with these and abide by all the rules and restrictions therein.

What to Tell Your Insurer

When you talk to your insurer, which should be as soon as possible, just be honest. Stick to the facts. Don’t embellish, don’t exaggerate, don’t leave anything out and don’t try to put a spin on anything. Be very clear and concise and tell them exactly what happened, where and when, and who was involved. Be calm and answer all of their questions as truthfully as possible.

What to Tell Their Insurer

If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, don’t volunteer anything. Feel free to refer them to your attorney. They may be looking for reasons to challenge or deny your claim. Don’t sign anything and don’t give them any information you don’t absolutely have to.

Call an Amarillo Car Accident Lawyer

Whenever you’re in a car accident, it’s a good idea to seek help from an Amarillo car accident lawyer. A good attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies, and will protect your rights in your case. They also won’t charge you a fee unless they win your case.

When you find yourself in this situation, looking for help and unsure where to turn, the lawyers at Tormey & McConnell are here for you. We’ve got decades of experience handling car accidents and all manner of personal injury cases, and we can help you as well. Contact us online or via phone for a free case evaluation today.