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The Importance Of A Good Carry System

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A good sling is mandatory for a self-defense rifle and it can be a complicated subject. You will spend more time carrying your rifle than actually shooting it. So, carrying it needs to be comfortable – or just as we have discussed with carrying our handgun and the importance of a good carry system, we won’t have it when we need it. There are also situations where you may need to sling the rifle to free your hands and accomplish certain tasks like dragging or carrying something or opening a door. The sling can also be an aid to marksmanship.

There are several types of slings and they differ in materials, the way they attach to the rifle and in whether or not they are adjustable and how they are adjusted.  The most basic and common rifle sling is a simple strap that is attached to the front and rear of the rifle. Usually, when we are talking about defensive rifles the sling is made of webbing- nylon or cotton. The sling may be attached directly to the stock of the rifle or through swivels which allow quick detachment. A simple nylon web strap was the issue sling for the US Military M16’s and M4 carbines for many years. They are inexpensive and much better than not having any sling at all.


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