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Important Rifle Accessories

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To maximize the utility of the rifle it should have a few accessories. It’s easy to get too much of a good thing though, keep it simple.

The rifle needs a sling, you have to have a way to carry it that gets it out of your hands if even temporarily.  You need a light, because of the greater range and the fact that it’s so easy to add given the rifles’ size makes it a simple decision. Optics…You can do good work with iron sights and good optics are expensive, and yes, 6 months after the balloon goes up Iron Sights will rule the world…But the fact is that 16 years of warfare in some of the harshest conditions on earth have proven the robustness and utility of optics. After these few additions, the rest is personal preference. If you do add an optic that is in some way battery dependent, a set of back up iron sights weighs little and is cheap insurance.

Anything you mount to the rifle must be absolutely secure. Use good quality mounting hardware and ALWAYS Loc Tite AND witness mark anything you want to stay put. I have seen slings come loose, lights and yes, even expensive optics fall off guns.

A brief and unsolicited word about how you spend your money…Before you change out all the furniture on your rifle or have a cerakote finish to make it look cool …buy the stuff that makes it more effective- the sling, the light, the high-quality optic. There is nothing wrong with a basic black, M4 type AR15 rifle or a WASR AK with a wood stock. Get a good gun, buy decent accessories and support gear, lots of ammo and get some training on how to use it and you will be miles ahead of the pretty gun crowd when it comes to defending yourself and those you care about.

Stay Dangerous!

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